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Scratch Lab #7 (Distance Formula Revisited)

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Scratch Lab #7 (Feet to Miles or Inches)

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Scratch Lab 7 Questions

1.One advantage is that you do not need to use as much code (shorter), another is that they can replace variables.

2.Parameters are the limits that can be put on blocks that you create (number input, string input, boolean value, and text input).

3.The distance formula takes at least one parameter (number input).

4.No parameters are needed if you have a code that asks the user for information, and gives an anwser based on the information it JUST received.

5.This code collects names and then puts them into a list, then it reorders the list of names. The code repeats this process of recording names until it has everything it needs. Blocks make this easier because they act as variables, but requires less code to complete the action. Within each block I would expect the code to ask for a name, insert that name into a variable to store it, reorder it, and continue the process.