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Scratch Lab #6 (Spelling bee)

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Scratch Lab #6 (Etch a Sketch)

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Scratch Lab 6 Questions

1. If statements will only perform code if the conidtions meet specifically what the statement is asking for. But if-else statements give an alternative, meaning that if the specific conditions are not met, it will do another code.

2. The 'else' section is not needed, because it will result in an identical outcome. Instead, you can change the code to an 'if' statement, and get the same result.

3. All freshman, sophmore, and juniors on the soccer team as well as all the students in band.

4. Freshman, sophomores, and juniors that are not on the soccer team (or band) are included.

5. If you plug in two numbers, and the remainder is 0, then the first number you plugged in IS a multiple of 15.