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Scratch Lab #4 (Quick Costume Change)

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Scratch Lab #4 (Distance Forumla)

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Scratch Lab #4 (A.I.)

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Scratch Lab 4 Questions

1. Variables in computer programming are NOT the same as variables in math class. This is true because in math class, variables are unknown (and you try to solve for them), while in computer programming class variables are known, set, and used to code.

2. When creating a variable, the variable be applied privately (to an individual sprite), or publicly (where the entire project is effected by the variable).

3. Variables can only store one value at a time.

4. The following snippet sets value 1 to value 2, and the other way around. Therefore the snippet will result in the same exact values.

5.Tthe following snippet is the CORRECT way of cmopleting the task attempted in #4. Because a variable can only hold one value at a time, there must be a third, temporary variable in order for variables 1 and 2 to switch values. It's just like the activity we did in front of the class with the two boxes and sticky notes.