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Scratch Lab #2 (Name Animation)

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Scratch Lab #2 (Polygons Revisisted)

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Scratch Lab #2 (Embedded Loop)

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Scratch Lab 2 Questions

1. Scratch has three diffferent types of loops. The first is a specific number of loops (any number you choose). The second is an infinite loop (a.k.a forever loop). The last is a loop that interacts with other sprites or messages (ex: repeat until ___)

2. You should use the "reapeat until" loop because it gives you the power to end the loop whenever you want. With a simple press of a button, the action will terminate.

3. The loop structure does NOT work because there is a 'forever loop' inside of a 'forever loop'. Meaning that once the sprite reaches the second action, it will repeat that action forever and never return to the original action.

4. Sprites can communicate with one another through the broadcasting of messages. This can happen either when a sprite broadcasts a message itself or receives one from a fellow sprite.

5. The two code snippets have the same outcome. They are reciprocals of eachother... If space bar is pressed, the sprite will talk. If it is not pressed, the sprite will change costumes (they just are worded/ordered differently).