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Python Lab 6


1. A graphic pops up on my computer (separate from codeskulptor). The picture is just a black screen with a red letter ‘A’, a blue letter ‘B’, and a gray letter ‘C’. Previous code in codeskulptor did not result in graphics showing up.

2. The graphic (black square) doubles in size. 200, 300 make it longer. Those two values stand for length and width of the graphic in regards to GUI. The origin is located in the top left corner of the frame.

3. The location of the letter ‘A’ is moved according to the slotted values.

4. The letter ‘A’ grows in size as this value increases. 5. I don’t see any changes to the graphic…

6. This code gives an error…

7. Yes, the code now works again.

8. No the order does NOT matter.


10. The background is changing because the code contains a timer loop (every time it cycles through the loop the color changes).

Frames, Buttons, and Input Boxes

1. The frame holding the canvas gets much smaller.

2. It changes the length of the “my input” box.

3. The canvas turned white.

4. You add to the code, by typing if the input value is divisible by 2 (is remainder 0?)

5. The data type is a string.


7. No you can not…